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30. Mai 2023

Maffi Racing Driver Development Program

We are excited to announce the Maffi Racing Driver Development Program. This program was set up with the intended purpose of scouting, training, and developing young driver talents who aim to make a transition to single seater racing and prepare them for major Formula 4 championships and/or the F1 Academy. Within this program we offer the overall package of preparing a driver to enter single seater competitions. Our program's goal is to lay the foundations upon which young racing drivers can build the work methodology, the mindset, and the skills needed to succeed in this category and their racing career. The training program will consist of mental, physical and technical preparation, as well as several test days in the Formula 4 car.

The preparation phase consists of exposing the driver to situations that they will be facing during a championship and ultimately their career. It begins with physical and mental training followed by simulator sessions. A special attention goes to building their mental strength, to enable the driver to tackle the key moments of a race weekend with confidence. The simulator sessions will allow the driver to acquire visual references, and get them familiarized with important procedures that are used during test days and race week-ends. Items such as technical knowledge, safety knowledge, and physical concepts will also be taught.

After the preparation, the next step within our Program is to begin the F4 training during private track test days. Our evaluation will consist of multiple testing days in our Formula 4 car on various tracks. The drivers learn to collaborate with the engineers and mechanics, giving feedback on the car, while learning and applying techniques provided by their race engineer. The team continuously evaluates the progress of the driver and establishes a consistent road map to reach an optimal level of performance before the start of the championships. Alongside the team of engineers and mechanics dedicated to the individual driver, we offer a selection of different coaching plans, including mental aptitudes and physical fitness coaching, nutritional coaching, technical coaching, and marketing and exposure coaching.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare drivers for a professional career in single seater, prototypes or GT. We work together with our partners to give drivers a complete training, with continuous assessment during the season, to make sure objectives are correctly defined and adjusted all year long. Racing in Formula 4 is very demanding, requires a commitment to learning, and in that regard, every element in our package is catered and targets to bring the driver the necessary set of skills and tools to master their racing craft, and prepare them for higher level racing categories. We are dedicated to helping the drivers extract their full potential.

“We are looking forward to developing many overlooked young talents who emerge from karting and sim-racing.” Alex Thouvenin, MD.

The Maffi Racing Team


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