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23. März 2022

A challenging but successful shakedown in Barcelona

It’s under a rainy Spanish sky that the team arrived in Barcelona last Sunday. Fuelled by the excitement of our first tests, the team worked hard through the afternoon to get the car set-up & ready for the first drive on Monday morning. Unfortunately, after the discovery of a fuel-cell leak late Sunday night, we thought that testing was already over before it even started. Thankfully, the team worked through the night to find a solution and it was only on Monday around 11AM that the car was declared safe to drive, making us miss the morning tests. Nonetheless, once on track, both Elia and the Team were happy with the car. It performed as expected and Elia quickly familiarised himself with his new single-seater.

Through testing on Tuesday, Elia and the Team grew more and more confident with the car, constantly pushing and optimising the car. We were pleased to see consistent lap-times through the afternoon meaning that both Elia and the car were performing well. Unfortunately, a long-lasting red-flag on the out-lap of the last session meant that Elia could not do his final “push-hard” session, preventing us from having a final lap-time.

Overall, the team was pleased, we were able to understand the points which still need improvements and we are now working hard back at the HQ in Geneva in order to arrive in Imola in better shape than ever.

The Maffi Racing Team

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